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A letter writing campaign request from Joe Adams, State Committeeman

Building power for the people in Hernando County, Florida

A letter writing campaign request from Joe Adams, State Committeeman

“Most of you know, Florida Power & Light lobbyists wrote a bill that will nearly shut down residential solar power. Of course, the Republican led Legislature passed this bill. It is sitting on Gov. Desantis’ desk. We still have time to hopefully convince him to veto this bill. I have attached a postcard I received and think this is a great letter-writing campaign we can all take part in. Feel free to copy the postcard verbatim and drop it in the mail. It doesn’t matter if you have solar on your roof or not this is just another attack from the big utility companies to continue our dependency on fossil fuels.”

Solar is the fastest growing segment of Florida’s economy right now and this will threaten millions of jobs and dollars into Florida’s economy.  Net metering allowed residents with solar rooftop to recoup the cost of installation for solar and pay for it out of the extra revenue generated by selling back their excess power to the grid at the retail cost.  This makes sense since there are no production costs or overhead for the utilities to allow the flow of this energy into the grid and pass it on to users (who pay for it), thereby expanding  their capacity to meet demand, especially during emergencies.  But they consider solar a competitor to their shareholders, the ones they really cater to, not the public and don’t care about their fossil footprint at a time when solar is the ONLY reasonable way to go to save the planet.  

Please see the attached article for more information and the attached postcard you can send out to help.

I’ve also attached a link to send a message to Desantis electronically if you don’t want to mail something in. Thank you for your help!