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Author: Brian Stewart

Building power for the people in Hernando County, Florida

DeSantis Takes Away Freedoms

More Freedoms Taken Away.DeSantis signed BAD LAW.Sign Abortion Rights Petition.Less Freedom, Costs Big Money, Ignores Our Priorities.New Law Takes Away Freedom: Every Floridian should have the freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe, including making personal choices about reproductive health care. We all deserve leaders who put protecting our freedoms first.Unconstitutional costs money! Everyday Floridians are good people who…
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Enough is Enough!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!DeSantis is at it again.The Nation is watching Florida in amazement.We need reasonable restrictions that ensure responsible gun owners can protect their families and that our communities remain safe from dangerous drugs and violent crime. Hernando Dems are Organizing for Change.Volunteer Today.Hernando Dems Community Center and Workspace:The drive is on for a dedicated workspace for Hernando County Democarats to Register Voters, renew Vote-By-Mail choice,…
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Action Call: One Week to Flip Duval to Dems

Urgent Action Alert!!Just 7 Days to Flip Duval Blue.Duval Democrats Need Your Help!Democrats have early lead in voting numbers. This is crunch time. Democratic candidates for Mayor, Property Appraiser, and City Council Need Your Help for the final push to Get-Out-The-Vote before the polls close on May 16th.Help Dems keep the lead!-Make calls on your schedule from anywhere.-Duval Dems…
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Combat GOP Extremism

Join Democratic Action NOW!GOP Legislators Gang Up with Governor to attack our Freedoms.GOP is passing freedom smashing laws: Voter Suppression, Union-busting, banning individual healthcare rights, overriding local community government, bailing out corrupt insurance corporations, and more.Tell Them What You Think!GOP Leadership fails to advance bills introduced by Democrats:Rental tenant protections, Insurance reform for homeowners, Firearms…
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Duval Dems Need Help + Rally in Tampa

Join Democratic Action NOW!Duval Democrats Need Your Help!We are working towards a BLUE WAVE in Jacksonville!The Democratic candidates for Mayor, Property Appraiser, and City Council Need Your Help to Get-Out-The-Vote for the election on May 16th.Make calls on your schedule from anywhere. Duval Dems provide all the talking points you need.SIGN UP TODAY!Rally In Tampa, Raise Your Voices.Sunday, May…
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