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Building power for the people in Hernando County, Florida

Look What We Did – ‘Never Forget’ Billboard

Billboards Call Us to Action!  Are you IN for Saving Democracy? Our very FREEDOM is at stake!!! Check out the Hernando Democrats’ Billboard Messages: Saving Democracy – Building Back Better – We Are Here  (Commercial Blvd near I-Hop, Cortez Blvd near Oak Hill Hospital, Hwy 50 and I-75). The Billboards remind all that we Democrats value Protection for our Rights…
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Hernando: What Are You Waiting For?

What Are We Waiting For?It is time for responsible gun reform.We can support the 2nd amendment responsibly.Hernando Democrats know how to do this.Join Challenge Teams to organize, show up at events, knock on doors, register our friends to vote and mobilize folks to the polls in August and November to ensure that politicians understand that…
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Are you a victim of price gouging?

Higher Prices + Stagnant Wages You may be the victim of Corporate Profiteering and Political Power Grabs.– Artificially high gas prices have been set by Oil Companies and they are throttling production at a time when. . .– Staggering Oil Company profits:  Chevron profits, for example, have risen 144% over the last two years and BP has raked in…
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Hold the Presses! Roe V Wade is ANOTHER Wake-up Call!

Roe V. Wade is another Wake-up Call!   This is a big-time threat to rights of individuals – one more in what seems like a never-ending conveyor belt of issues to address. Where will it end?   We must fight to save our Freedoms!Florida Gov. DeSantis, Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio are going after our freedoms.  …
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We CAN Win! Help Hernando Democrats Today

Winning Takes All of Us!   Donate $22 for ’22     Florida has choices in this Election.   Help voters choose a Governor and representatives that will secure Freedoms for ALL Floridians.   Empower Democrats to vote. Your local Democratic Party is already working to energize and register our friends and neighbors. Your donation…
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