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Building power for the people in Hernando County, Florida

New Laws Empower Mean People

Now the Governor and his Friends are passing Mean Laws.   It is time to FIGHT!     We must make this end!   Defunding SchoolsStop Woke ActAbortion BanDon’t Say GayVoter SuppressionHome Solar Limits. . .     DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN AN AUTHORITARIAN STATE??     It is time to FIGHT!      …
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Reminder: Local Rights in Jeopardy! We Must Act Now Hernando!

    Local Rights Threatened First it was voter suppression laws.   Now the Governor and his Friends are going after Local Home Rule   It is time to FIGHT!       Home Rule is in Jeopardy!   Florida Senate passed, Florida House votes soon Governor will sign:   SB620 – HB569 – SB280 –…
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No Rights without Voting Rights! Hernando, it is time to FIGHT!

Your Vote = Your Voice!There are no other Rights without the Right To Vote.It is time to FIGHT!Elections are under assault.Long lines.Shorter voting days and hours.Required Photo Id.Falsely told ‘Not on voter roll.’Requiring re-registering for Mail-in-Ballot.Gerrymandered voting districts. Lies about voting fraud.Limited drop boxes in large blue counties.It is time to FIGHT!You CAN make a difference! Help…
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DeSantis is a Disaster. Help us fight!!!

This is NOT the Will of the People!     DeSantis is NOT LEADING – AGAIN! The numbers are frightening – AGAIN!   Long lines and waits for Covid19 tests.   800,000 to 1 MILLION Covid19 rapid tests kits allowed to expire during our soaring Covid19 cases!   Promotion of ‘cures’ and not prevention.  …
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Hernando Dems in the Community!

Look at our float in the Brooksville Christmas Parade! Our theme was “We Believe in Christmas.” Check out the Facebook page for the video and keep checking updates to see where we will be next!