How You Can Help Out

Building power for the people in Hernando County, Florida

The following volunteer positions are vital roles needed within the Hernando County Democratic Party. Each position requires a different skill set, but each are just as integral in ensuring the sustainability of the Hernando Dems. Take a look!


What you’ll do: Make calls to voters to verify that they’re voting for Democrats, and then help them enroll to Vote by Mail. You can do this on our own time, whenever, from home or wherever!

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What you’ll do: Respond to people who contact us: volunteer sign-ups, callers to our answering service, emails to public address, etc. Guide them to the proper person(s) or resource(s).

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Volunteer Coordinator

What you’ll do: Onboard volunteers, maintaining regular contact, scheduling them to conduct voter outreach activities, and building up a team with affirmation and accountability.

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Digital Assest Developer

What you’ll do: Assist party leadership in building critical digital infrastructure to support our recruitment and coordination capacity. Knowledge of webhooks for platform integration and automation is ideal.

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Social Media Manager

What you’ll do: Maintain the party’s social media accounts. Work with the Communications Committee to disseminate the party’s message, and to devise strategies to use various social media platforms to do so.

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Vote Protector

What you’ll do: Work with the Voter Protection Director to enact a robust Voter Protection program in accordance with the state party’s direction. Train as a poll watcher or poll observer to monitor in-person election processes. Knowledge of election processes and / or law is a plus, but not required.

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Party Liaison

What you’ll do: Attend functions and correspond with an organization or group of significance to party goals (e.g., local religious organizations, advisory councils, Moms Demand Action, Sunrise Movement, Poor People’s Campaign, etc). Report on their activities and advise the party on how best to interact with them.

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