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November Newsletter

Building power for the people in Hernando County, Florida

November Newsletter

42,000 STRONG


Yes, 42,000 Democrats in Hernando County

You are not alone!!!!

The goal of the Hernando County Party is to increase visibility in the county and to make it okay to be a Democrat again. You can HELP!

Unfortunately, we are greatly outspent here.

Your support will be critical in the upcoming mid-term elections. Removing DeSantis and Rubio (who just voted against the badly needed infrastructure plan) is our number one priority!! 

With your help, we can succeed.


We have many opportunities for you to join the fight….meetings, volunteering, canvassing, phone banking, home parties, donations etc.

All are integral parts of this very important election. If we defeat DeSantis in 2022, he will have no chance at his real goal of being the Republican nominee in 2024.

Unfortunately, this will also be an expensive proposition. Please, if you are blessed, visit our website at to sign up and donate.

A recurring donation will help us expand our visibility and turnout outreach initiatives. I promise you will not be disappointed in this effort! 

Please visit ActBlue to help!!!



We need everyone to come together in an act of solidarity to get through the crisis facing our communities and our country. If you’re looking for a place to get involved, please check out our website and consider making a donation.