2020 Re-Organizational Meeting

Building power for the people in Hernando County, Florida

Live Stream

The Re-Organizational Meeting Live Stream will be available at 10:30 AM on December 5th, 2020.

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Why is this here? (Click to expand)

By Florida Statute, precinct committee representatives are public officials. This meeting must be open to the public. Because this meeting is taking place virtually, and to ensure smooth operation of the meeting, we are facilitating this by allowing all who are not voting members to watch the proceedings via a live stream.


For Members

Items For Members (Click to expand)
  • Click here to join via Zoom
    • Non-members will not be permitted entry beyond the waiting room.
    • The meeting begins at 10:30 AM on Saturday, December 5th, 2020.
  • Election Procedures
  • Meeting Agenda
    • This agenda is laid out by the state Party’s bylaws and cannot be changed.
  • Florida Democratic Party Loyalty Oath
    • This should be on file with the DEC by the end of the year at the latest.
    • Submit this in-person or digitally (scanned or high-quality photo) to chair@hernandodems.org.
  • Proxy Designee Form
    • This must be completed and filed with the Chair prior to the Re-organizational Meeting being called to order.
  • Sample Ballot
    • For testing / familiarity only.

What is the Re-Organizational Meeting?

Every 4 years, newly-elected Democratic representatives from Hernando County’s voting precincts gather to re-organize the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) – the central governing body of the Hernando County Democratic Party. At these Re-organization Meetings, new officers are elected from among these representatives to manage and lead the DEC.

Who can attend?

Ordinarily, these meetings are open to all registered Democratic voters in good standing within Hernando County. Because we are meeting virtually – and because we are restricted by what business can be conducted – this year it works a bit differently. To keep things orderly and to simplify the voting procedures, only voting members of the DEC will be permitted to enter the Zoom meeting. Voting members are those who filed and were elected in the August 2020 primary election, as well as those who are automatic members of the DEC by virtue of an office they hold.

The public is welcome to watch via the Live Stream at the top of the page, or on our YouTube channel.

What are the offices that are up for election?

(For a fuller explanation of their respective duties, please refer to the DEC’s Bylaws, below.)

  • Chair: The Chair presides at meetings of the DEC; serves as the primary public representative for the body; manages and guides committees; liaises with other county DECs; and oversees the implementation of the Party’s plans and infrastructure. Ideally, candidates should be familiar with Democratic Party practices and procedures; and have good communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

  • Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair fulfills the Chair’s responsibilities when the Chair is not able to do so. The Vice-Chair does not have many specific responsibilities, and instead works with and complements the Chair to ensure the full scope of the Chair’s duties are carried out. Ideally, candidates should be similarly prepared as Chair candidates, but the most important quality is being a team player.

  • Treasurer: The Treasurer manages the expenditures and revenues of the DEC; makes reports to the DEC and the relevant legal authorities as required; oversees the development and implementation of the annual budget; and maintains sufficient records as these duties require. Ideally, candidates should be highly detail-oriented, highly organized, comfortable working with numbers and spreadsheets, and a stickler for following rules (there are a lot of rules).

  • Secretary: The Secretary maintains the records of DEC meetings, proceedings, and operations; vets and maintains the membership list and submits reports as required; corresponds with the DEC members on vital information; and works closely with the Chair to ensure records are kept and in compliance. Ideally, candidates should have exceptional organizational skills, and be comfortable with common office software.

  • State Committeewoman & State Committeeman: The State Committee-persons (SCPs) are the DEC’s representatives to the Florida Democratic Party (FDP). They attend and participate in state Party meetings and functions; cast votes at the governing State Committee; work with the Chair to coordinate and liaise with other DECs; and liaise between the DEC and other branches of the local party. Ideally, candidates should have strong interpersonal and communication skills, and have thick skin for weathering the infamously contentious proceedings of the FDP.

What else do I need to know?

Misc. Rules & Restrictions (Click to expand)
  • Prior to the election of a Secretary, a member will be appointed by the presiding officer to take minutes of the meeting.

  • Prior to the election of a new Chair, the Chair of the previous Executive Committee shall preside. Once a new Chair is elected, they shall preside.
  • Only precinct committeepeople elected in the August 2020 primary are eligible to hold office.
  • Only full-time residents of Hernando County are eligible to hold office.
  • We are not permitted to vote by secret ballot or anonymously; your vote will and must be recorded.
  • Election of officers is the only business that may be conducted at the Organizational Meeting.
  • The Chair and Vice-Chair must be of the opposite sex.
  • Candidates must receive a majority vote of those present and eligible to be elected. Should an election with multiple candidates fail to achieve such a result, a run-off between the top two vote recipients will ensue.

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