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Join the Hernando County Democratic Party and be a part of a movement to advance progressive politics throughout the United States. 

Are you a victim of price gouging?

Higher Prices + Stagnant Wages You may be the victim of Corporate Profiteering and Political Power Grabs.– Artificially high gas prices have been set by Oil Companies and they are throttling production at[…]

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Hold the Presses! Roe V Wade is ANOTHER Wake-up Call!

Roe V. Wade is another Wake-up Call!   This is a big-time threat to rights of individuals – one more in what seems like a never-ending conveyor belt of issues to address. Where[…]

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We CAN Win! Help Hernando Democrats Today

Winning Takes All of Us!   Donate $22 for ’22     Florida has choices in this Election.   Help voters choose a Governor and representatives that will secure Freedoms[…]

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Party Stances


We fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and bigotry of all forms.


We fight for the rights of working people and those not currently working, for economic cooperation, and for the regrowth of our unions.


We fight to end climate change and to protect the land, air, and water that sustain our home.


We demand an end to corporate power controlling our political process, and an end to political corruption.


We demand that democracy not only be safegaurded but expanded.

Party Leadership

Our officers are in charge of the daily operations of the Hernando County Democratic Party.

Brian Stewart


The chair presides over meetings, appoints committee chairs, and is the official spokesperson for the party.

Georgia Haus

Vice Chair

The vice chair assumes the chair’s repsonsibilities when unavailable, and serves on standing committees.

Liz Gutierrez


The secretary ensures accurate minutes are kept and maintains membership records.

Irene Keim


The treasurer handles all financial matters, such as maintaining funds & coordinating budgets/audits.

Currently Vacant

State Committeewoman

The committeewoman informs the party and acts as liaison between us and other Democratic organizations. 

Currently Vacant

State Committeeman

The committeeman informs the party and acts as liaison between us and other Democratic organizations. 

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6092 Spring Hill, FL 34611

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