Fight For Each Other

Join the Hernando County Democratic Party and be a part of the movement to advance progressive politics throughout the United States



We fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and oppression of all forms.


We fight for a livable wage, healthcare for all, and the regrowth of our unions.


We fight to end climate change and to protect the land, air, and water that sustain our home.


We fight to crush corporate power and end political corruption.


Our officers are in charge of the daily operations of the Hernando County Democratic Party.

Terence Truax


The chair presides over meetings, appoints committee chairs, and is the official spokesperson for the party.

Georgia Haus

Vice Chair

The vice chair assumes the chair’s repsonsibilities when unavailable, and serves on standing committees.

Cassie Baker


The secretary ensures accurate minutes are kept and maintains membership records.

Phil Foy


The treasurer handles all financial matters, such as maintaining funds & coordinating budgets/audits.

Becca Fones

State Committeewoman

The committeewoman informs the party and acts as liaison between us and other Democratic organizations. 

Ray Fones

State Committeeman

The committeeman informs the party and acts as liaison between us and other Democratic organizations. 

Press Releases

Hernando Dems Support Resolution Denouncing White Supremacy

The Hernando County Democratic Party is calling on the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners to adopt a resolution explicitly denouncing white supremacy and white nationalism in Hernando County. Far[…]

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Protect the Public, Protect Yourself

The Hernando County Democratic Party encourages Hernando County residents to continue to fight the spread of the coronavirus amidst the drastically increasing number of cases in Florida. It is up[…]

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The Right Side of History

Just a few weeks ago, in May, the FBI arrested a young man from Spring Hill for his involvement in a neo-Nazi terror campaign against nonwhite and Jewish journalists. On[…]

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