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ACTION ALERT: Criminalizing Gender Affirming Care

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ACTION ALERT: Criminalizing Gender Affirming Care

Action Alert!
The Criminalizing Gender Affirming Care Bills ( SB 254 / HB1421 ) The assault on healthcare choice continues with two bills moving swiftly through the Florida legislature. Call or email your elected senator and representative every day to express distress and disdain for this extreme overreach on personal and family rights. Rep. John Paul Temple, Sumter and part of Hernando county Rep. Jeff Holcomb, part of Hernando and Pasco counties Sen. Blaise Ingoglia, Citrus, Sumter, Hernando, and part of Pasco counties
Legislative intent– threaten doctors with jail time for providing medically-supported gender affirming care to trans children- make access more difficult for trans adults- upend existing custody agreements in favor of an unsupportive parent when care is provided for a transgender child.
Talking points– Free states don’t criminalize health care. Free states don’t jail parents and doctors for caring for young people. Free states don’t restrict access to care for informed and consenting adults.
However, here in Florida we have a Governor and members of the Legislature who are more concerned with attacking our freedoms for political gain than they are with doing what is best for the people they were elected to serve. We should all have the freedom to make the best choices for medical care for ourselves, our children, and our loved ones.
‘Free States don’t ban Books. Free States don’t censor history. Free States don’t criminalize health care. Free States don’t weaponized government against free speech.
There is no freedom in government dictating what to read, what to say and who to be.’
– Brandon Wolf, Equality Florida

Love me as I am. Watch this powerful testimony Senator Tracie Davis explains how harmful this bill will be for our community, and especially trans youth, HERE Join the $24 for 24 campaign.

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