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Building power for the people in Hernando County, Florida

Rubio Voted ‘NO’ with Scott and DeSantis for Hurricane Relief

Rubio Voted ‘NO’ for Hurricane Relief for our friends devastated by Hurricane Sandy along with Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis. He says he will vote ‘NO’ again if Hurricane Ian relief bill is not to his liking.     NO………for hurricane relief.NO………for woman’s right to choose.NO………for exceptions to rape or incest.NO………for lower medication costs.NO FOR FLORIDA!! GET…
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You Can Help Stop the Craziness!

 Friends, The disgraceful antics of this Florida Governor gets crazier every day. We can STOP this! We can elect a Democratic governor. The countdown to the election has begun with mail-in ballots arriving in days and early voting only a few weeks away. Showing up at the polls is our power to make the change. Your help is needed to make this happen! It…
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We Need You!

FriendsIt is GO time and we need your help!We are attempting to contact all 40,000 Democrats in Hernando to GET THE VOTE OUT!Your $25 Can Make a Difference! YOUR $25 can print and stamp 37 postcards. YOUR $25 can send 1,000 text messages.YOUR $25 can send 1,250 calls.YOUR $25 can send 33,000 emails.YOUR $25 can…
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Canvassing Opportunities!

Hello, everyone! Here are some links to some upcoming events for anyone who wants to help join the cause. Please sign up and share with others to phone bank or canvass. Thank you! Tuesday Virtual Phone Bank: Thursday Canvass: Weekend Canvasses:

Only Democrats Vote For Reducing Debt, Inflation, Healthcare Costs, Climate Change

Save Democracy! Defeat DeSantis!Show Our Power! Only Democrats Tackle Inflation, Healthcare, Climate Change AND Debt. Only Democrats work to pass legislation to address inflation, healthcare costs, climate change and the national debt –all in one package! Republicans unanimously voted ‘NO’ in the US House and Senate. Only Democrats believe every vote counts! Check Your Voter Registration Card. Over…
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