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Help Us Make A Difference

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Help Us Make A Difference


Becoming a Precinct Captain for the Hernando County Democratic Party is a crucial step in shaping the future of local democracy. As a Precinct Captain, you play a pivotal role in mobilizing voters and ensuring their voices are heard at the polls. By actively engaging with community members, you become a bridge between the party and the electorate, fostering a sense of civic responsibility and participation.
The importance of this role extends beyond individual impact, as it contributes to the broader goal of turning a traditionally red county blue.
We also need Democratic candidates. Hernando County’s political landscape may present challenges, but running for political office as a Democrat in this environment is an opportunity to effect meaningful change. Diversifying representation and advocating for progressive policies at the local level can have a cascading effect, influencing the broader political discourse.
In a red county, the need for Democratic candidates is paramount to ensure a balanced and representative government. By stepping up to run for office, individuals can challenge the status quo, promote inclusivity, and address issues that matter most to the community.
Becoming a Precinct Captain and encouraging fellow Democrats to run for office in Hernando County is not just a civic duty; it is a transformative act that contributes to building a more inclusive and responsive democracy in Hernando County.
This election is crucial at all levels. We are fighting to save the soul of our democracy!.
If you or anyone you know might be interested in helping in this vital duty, please contact me directly.

In Solidarity and Gratitude,
Brian Stewart Chair, Hernando County Democratic Party (352) 587-2593

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