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Insurance Costs Skyrocket in Florida

Building power for the people in Hernando County, Florida

Insurance Costs Skyrocket in Florida

Florida is on fire!
The fascist right wing is turning our state into a hellscape.
Everything is at stake:
Women’s choice, LGBTQ+ rights,
Our economy, Safety, Education,
Our democracy.

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Citizens Pay while Leaders help Corporate Buddies.
We deserve real solutions that will protect our homes, our livelihoods, and our environmental treasures, not more giveaways to the same wealthy corporations polluting our state and price gouging us on our insurance premiums.

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Meet and Greet Hernando Dems:
Friday, August 18 , 6:00 pm Lei-Lo Tiki Hut in Hernando Beach

#TakeBackFL Statewide Tour Coming to Hernando County!

Join Democrats at #TakeBackFL Rally.
Chair Nikki Fried, Ex. Dir. Phillip Jerez Aug. 23rd
$1,000,000 pledged in 2023 for Voter Registration.
Counties helping counties.
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